2E21-008X, Puma Pressure Switch, 140-175 psi, 1 Way with ON/OFF Switch 2E21--013TB, Puma Pressure Switch, 1 way with ON/OFF Switch, 95-125 PSI, … Can I purchase a Puma owners manual and a parts manual for a Puma Model PK5060V. Check the Puma 3-HP 60-Gallon (Belt Drive) Single-Stage Air Compressor (208-230V 1-Phase) ratings before checking out. The Puma PK6060V has a 3 horsepower motor that draws about 15 to 16.5 amps and operates at 3450 RPM. Like everyone else, i researched this product for a long time. More Info. These PUMA paper filter elements are made for PUMA brand 1/2" and 3/4" inch plastic air intake housings, which we also sell if you search our other items for "puma air intake filter housing". Component ID Component Description Quantity 1 PP-60 PUMP 1.00 2 4001-60V TANK 1.00 3 4027-6S MOTOR 1.00 4 2305002 OIL DRAINING PIPE 1.00 5 2N33-001 PLUG 1.00 6 056-LF125P4-001 PRESSURE SWITCH 1.00 7 84006009 PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE 1.00 8 046-02N-A00 PLUG 2.00 9 2D12-20D20K … PARTS LIST Model: PK-6060V VER. Buy Puma PK6060V Direct. See All . Like others I did quite a bit of research but instead of jumping on the pricey Q bandwagon, I opted for the PUMA and have no buyer's remorse. This is a 1995 60 gallon upright tank with a belt driven 5 hp motor … 4 Pack Air Intake Filter Elements Four new PUMA brand air intake filter elements. So far so good ! Item# 35239001 Quick Info. NO. The comparable 3.5 horsepower, 60-gallon Quincy Q13160VQ draws about 16 amps and operates at 1250 RPM. Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor — 60-Gallon Vertical, 3 HP, 12 CFM, Model# PK6060V Find Similar Items . by Jody. Puma Industries Inc. NSN Parts. Recommended Product; Helpful 4 people found this helpful. CAGE Address Type Status; 4NQL3: 1992 AIRWAYS BLVD, MEMPHIS, TN, 38114, UNITED STATES 3B13-AC0765, Puma Valve Assembly Kit, PP-60 / PUK-60 Pump, TK50 Home > Replacement Pumps > Puma Replacement Pumps > PK60, Puma Air Compressor Pump, 2 Cylinder Single Stage, 125 PSI, 12 CFM 900 RPM Find Parts. Replacement Parts Available. PP6060V. Air Compressor Parts - Air Compressor Oil - Air Compressor Lubricant - Compressor Parts - Compressors - Ultra Coolant - Sullube 32 - Air Compressor - 39433735 - 28H109 items in my cart: 0 current subtotal: $0.00 : MOA-010D REF. Report Review. Dec 17, 2014. Related Items. Free Shipping. This category has a full line of common compressor repair parts including pressure switches, check valves, relief valves, Air Tank Moisture Drains, air pressure gauges, unloader control valves, pilot valves, throttle control cables and valves, belts, and pulleys. Air Compressors - Model #PP6060V; 60 Gallon / Vertical Tank; 6HP; 1PH; 230V Motor
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